Kathy Graves is one of the most sought after modern quilt speakers in the area. She finds that many are curious about the modern quilt movement but are unsure what it is and want to learn more. Kathy is excited to share her passion with you. She will travel to your guild without geographic limitations

Speaker Topics


Sharing My Passion for Modern Quilting

Kathy speaking at a guild

Modern Quilting


We will explore Modern Quilting concepts such as color, negative space, minimalism, alternative grid, asymmetry (and more) 


Alternative Grid in Modern Quilting

We will take a PowerPoint voyage through trends in Modern Quilting by examining quilts and award winners that were shown at QuiltCon.  Modern Quilt Trunk show is optional.


Many find Alternative Grid design one of the easiest elements of Modern Quilting to observe and explore. Breaking the traditional grid design found in many quilts, Alternative Gridwork is a hallmark of many modern quilts. 


All talks are illustrated by a PowerPoint presentation followed by a trunk show.

Talks generally run 1 to 1 ¼ hours long


Highlights from QuiltCon

The Largest Modern Quilt Show